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"Not all disabilities are visible – some are not immediately obvious, such as learning difficulties, mental health as well as mobility, speech, visual or hearing impairments. Living with a hidden disability can make daily life more demanding for many people, but it can be difficult for others to recognise, acknowledge or understand the challenges you face." Follow @sunflowerlanyardscheme for resources to help you whilst shopping and travelling or go to their website https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/ ("Please note this does not entitle you to anything other than recognising that you have a hidden disability and that you may need some assistance, help, or a little more time. It is NOT a pass to be fast-tracked nor for any other benefits".) If you need help getting these resources please drop us a message and we shall sort it for you. #cbft #ciaranbinghamfoundationtrust #socialisolation #mentalhealth #hiddendisabilitiessunflower #spreadkindnessnotvirus

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